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      Sleek and elegant, the cool and stylish combination of leather and chrome of the Settee & Lounge creates a striking first impression, instantly communicating a company’s modern business culture. The light structure is perfect for creating lounge and reception spaces with an open airy feeling. The stylish locks are complemented by deep padding, and the added comfort of reclining backs.


        Combo Series
        Itoki Series
        Itoki Series
        Ottoman Series
        Rest (Lounge Chair) Series
        Rest (Lounge Chair) Series
        Averill Series
        Sleek & Stylish
        Ambrosia Series
        Exclusive Minimalistic Sofa Seater
        Bellatrix Series
        Classic but Modern
        Diamond Series
        Minimalist Single Seater Sofa
        Garnet Series
        Simply Luxurios Sofa
        Joseline Series
        Classical of Future
        Orion Series
        Luxurious Style Upholstered Chair
        Paris Series
        Luxurious Style Upholstered Chair
        Tempest Series
        Minimalist and Stylish
        Mandorla Series
        Elegant and Prestige

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